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Helping the NHS & Care Workers

You may have seen from our email last week and recent social media posts that we are showing our support for the NHS and front line workers by changing all of our pictures to incorporate the “Rainbow” and we have all been out clapping on our doorsteps every Thursday for all our keyworkers.


However, we want to do more...


As you will no doubt have seen, our glorious NHS is in desperate need of PPE and they are struggling.


We are partnering with Help For Healthcare Workers Sheffield. This is a local ‘hub’ of over 500 sewers that are busy making scrubs, masks, headbands and ear savers for our fabulous army in blue at our local Sheffield Hospitals…but they need provisions.


As you may be clearing out whilst you look at moving, can you donate any of the following?

Bed sheets

Old curtains





Food bag ties

Pipe cleaners

Florist wire


If so please get in touch with us or email them directly for collection on s12covidhelp@outlook.com.

You can also follow them on Facebook (Help for healthcare workers Sally Kirk)


We are in this together.

Stay safe.


Saxton Mee