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Photography/Home Staging Advice

We would normally be more than happy to come into your property and stage your home to ensure our photographs show your property to it's full potential.  Unfortunately during the Covid-19 pandemic our professional photographers are unable to touch anything once inside the property.

We've therefore prepared this handy guide to assist you before our photographer gets to the house:


“Homes that are tidy, clean and clutter free create the best photos, attract more attention and achieve the best possible price"



Preparing the Exterior

  • Remove vehicles from driveway
  • Remove wheelie bins
  • Mow the lawn
  • Remove dead plants and leaves
  • Clean doors and windows
  • Remove childrens toys



Preparing Reception Rooms

  • Open curtains & blinds
  • Turn off the TV
  • Remove Childrens toys
  • Remove personal items
    Plump up pillows
  • Remove magazines and DVD’s etc
  • Remove blankets and throws from sofa



Preparing the Kitchen

  • Clear worktops and empty the sink
  • Remove draining rack
  • Hide towels & utensils
  • Remove pet bowls
  • Remove fridge magnets
  • Remove bins
  • Remove appliances
  • Remove personal items



Preparing the Bathroom

  • Toilet seat down
  • Remove all bottles, soaps and products
  • Remove towels, washcloths
    & bath mats
  • Remove personal items
  • Remove toothbrushes
  • Ensure the suite is clean
  • Clean shower glass



Preparing the Bedrooms

  • Make the bed
  • Open curtains/blinds
  • Remove personal items
  • Remove visable items from under the bed
  • Remove childrens toys
  • Remove bottles/products
  • Remove objects from on top of wardrobes




Unfurnished or empty properties require home staging too. Make sure each room is clean and tidy, remove all clutter and ensure the windows are clean. This will ensure we can acheive the best results from our visit.