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Below are a list of frequently asked questions by our tenants.  If you still cannot find the information you are looking for contact our lettings team and we will be happy to assist.

During the Tenancy

At the end of the Tenancy 

Who should I contact if I have problems with my tenancy?

If the property is fully managed by Saxton Mee, you should contact our lettings department on 0114 268 8702 or email lettings@saxtonmee.co.uk.

If the property is not fully managed you will need to contact your landlord directly.

If you are unsure please contact us and we can advise.

Who is responsible for contacting the utility companies?

You, as the tenant, are responsible for taking meter readings at the start and end of your tenancy and contacting the utility companies to advise of move in and move out dates.

How do I pay the rent?

At the start of the tenancy you will have been asked to complete a standing order mandate to arrange automatic payment of rent on the due dates.  Rent will leave your account approximately three days prior to the rent due date.  (The rent due date is generally the date on which you moved in)

What happens if my rent is paid late?

If you believe you are going to be late with a rental payment you should discuss this at the earliest possible opportunity with our lettings department.  Saxton Mee reserve the right to charge daily interest on any outstanding amounts.

What are inspections?

If Saxton Mee manage the property, it is standard of us to conduct quarterly inspections.  This allows us to assess everything is going well at the property and also allows you to bring to our attention any minor issues or problems you may be experiencing.  Issues can then be reported to the landlord so that they can action repairs if deemed necessary.  Inspection dates are confirmed in writing 2-3 weeks in advance at which point you can either be present at the inspection, allow us access (we hold a set of keys for all managed properties), contact us to arrange a more convenient date/time.

What happens if I have a maintenance issue?

For all managed properties, Saxton Mee will take care of all maintenance issues throughout your tenancy.  

During normal office hours call us on 0114 268 8709 or email us at lettings@saxtonmee.co.uk, Monday-Friday 9-5.30pm.  On Saturdays you can contact our main office number on 0114 2688702 9am-3pm.  

At the start of the tenancy our fully managed properties will have been provided with emergency contact numbers for your piece of mind.

S&J Maintenance – General Maintenance Issues (Building issues, leaks, broken windows/locks etc) – Shaun 07738 207524 or Jamie 07906 775 816.

LF Plumbing – Plumbing and Heating Issues (all aspects of plumbing and heating) Luke 07957 443211

Please note these are the preferred contractors of Saxton Mee.  In an emergency, if you are unable to contact them you may choose your own preferred contractor however you will have to provide Saxton Mee with proof of the call out and that this was an emergency situation.  

Please use the appropriate emergency services should you feel necessary, ie. in the event of a fire.

How do I cancel my contract?

You will have signed an initial tenancy agreement for a period of 6-12 months.  You are liable to pay rent until this period expires and until you serve formal notice for the tenancy to expire.  If Saxton Mee manage the property, approximately two months prior to the end of your tenancy you will be sent full details of what to do should you wish to vacate the property at the end of the initially tenancy agreement. One of the options is to end the tenancy.

How do I renew or extend my contract?

Approximately two months prior to the end of your tenancy agreement, we will write to you to provide instructions on what you should do should you wish to extend the tenancy agreement. This provides a sufficient time frame for the landlord to evaluate your request.

How do I retrieve my bond at the end of my tenancy?

By Law, all bonds must be registered with a Deposit Protection Scheme.

If a property is fully managed, at the point you or your landlord serves notice you will be provided with a move out date and check-out time. At this appointment Saxton Mee will meet you at the property (if you wish to be present), run through the original inventory, ensure all keys are returned and assess the general condition of the property.

Providing Saxton Mee are satisfied, we will advise the landlord and upon their confirmation will instruct the bond to be released on the DPS (Deposit Protection Service). At the start of your tenancy you will have been provided details of the Repayment ID and Deposit ID. You will need these two numbers to log in to your account and access the request and choose your method of repayment.

Tips to improve the likeliness of a full speedy bond return:

  • Ensure the property is clean and tidy
  • Ensure all the keys handed to you at the start of the tenancy are ready to be returned (including fobs and parking permits)
  • Ensure all items on the inventory are present and in the correct rooms
  • Ensure all light bulbs are working
  • Ensure gardens (if applicable) are maintained
  • Ensure all appliances are cleaned

Who do I contact if I have a complaint?

If for any reason you have a complaint, please follow our complaints procedure explained in the document below